Mailbox Power: Your Complete Gifting & Direct Mail Platform

Enhance employee, customer, and business allies' relationships and outreach with Mailbox Power—the ultimate wingman for automating and personalizing gifting and direct mail. Solopreneurs, small business owners, and real estate agents get ready to create lasting connections and transform your clients into superfans with zero sweat. By leveraging the power of personalized gifts and thoughtful communication, you can foster deeper loyalty, encourage repeat business, and inspire word-of-mouth referrals that amplify your brand's impact.

Key Features

  • Automated Campaigns:

    Schedule cards and gifts to land right when they'll make the biggest splash

  • No Minimum Orders:

    Whether you're wooing 1 client or 1,000, we've got you covered without any bulk-buying hassle.

  • Easy Contact Import:

    Upload your contacts as easily as pie with a simple spreadsheet or integration.

  • Easy Collect Addresses:

    We'll create a unique link for you that you can easily send to your new contacts. Once they fill out the form, they'll be added to your automated campaigns no sweat!

  • Never Miss a Birthday Again:
    Streamline your marketing effortlessly with this automation series—never forget a contact's birthday again.

  • Personal Touch:

    Each mail piece is sprinkled with your client's first name, making your message hit home.

Unique Features

  • Qualified Lead List Builder:

    Use our system to build a list of potential clients based on any demographics.

  • Hands-Free Gifting & Mailing:

    From prep to shipping, we’ve got it all covered. You focus on your biz; we'll handle the wow-factor.

  • Instant Engagement Tracking:

    Use dynamic QR codes and get instant alerts when clients engage with your mail.

  • Targeted Workflow Triggers:

    Know who's interested and trigger follow-up actions with pinpoint accuracy via SMS, email, or other workflows.

  • Seamless CRM Integration:

    Plays nicely with numerous CRMs for a smooth marketing ride.

Make every occasion count with Mailbox Power. Whether you're nurturing leads or showering loyal customers with love, our platform gives you the ultimate convenience in building enduring client relationships through personalized gifting and direct mail.

As a bonus...

When you sign up for Mailbox Power today,

you'll get access to unlimited free postcards just pay postage.

Say Hello to Smarter Marketing

Mailbox Power is your buddy in boosting engagement and amplifying your brand’s presence. Mailbox Power not only supercharges client relationships for solopreneurs, small business owners, and real estate agents but also helps you create Mailbox Superfans, who evolve into your Business Superfans and skyrocket your business success!

Featuring scheduled campaigns, no minimum orders, easy contact import, and personalized touches, it’s your new marketing secret weapon. Imagine hands-free gifting, instant engagement tracking, targeted workflow triggers, and seamless CRM integration—all in one place. Boost engagement, amplify your brand, and convert employees, customers, and business allies into superfans with Mailbox Power. Sign up now and begin creating smiles!

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